Beyond The Opt-In “From the Desk of a Mobile Marketing CEO”

By WHAMmobile • September 14th, 2009

Beyond the OPT-IN

They Replied YES, Now What?

Very often I hear the following, “oh yes, we do texting”, which immediately tells me that mobile marketing was most likely on a check list of initiatives to be crossed off for the year. When this is the case the initiative has poor, if any strategy, prospects are not being reached, and tens’ to hundreds’ of thousands of opt-in subscribers are starving for some attention. We utilize many resources to glean this opt-in list, now that we have it, what do we do?

Honor that space

The first thing I always tell WHAMmobile clients when building mobile marketing strategy is this, “Remember, you and I have a mobile phone in our pocket, purse, or backpack and the last thing we want it to become is a spam device”. So, we have a responsiblity to those we are reaching to honor this very coveted, private space. There are many statistics, and I have made some interesting observations myself, about the demographics of mobile users and the frequency in which mobile marketing should occur. We will dive into the demographic conversation on another day. The bottom line is this, we have a responsibility when reaching our users, prospects, opt-ins. If we do not honor that space they will simply ignore us, or for those of us that “do texting”, they will simply reply STOP and we have to start from scratch to reach them again.

It isn’t all about the numbers anymore

I think it very important to consider the traditional, quantitative CPM model of advertising and marketing is changing because consumers are more and more given the opportunity to choose how they will participate with our message. Mobile marketing is introducing a qualitative one to one interaction between our brand, product, or services and our prospect. I often use this analogy when discussing mobile and ask this question; “what is more valuable to us as marketers, an online, print, or outdoor ad that 1000 people might be able to tell you what the predominant color of the ad and nothing else, or 1 person interacting with your brand on their mobile device?”

What’s the game plan

As I mentioned earlier, so very often we find businesses sticking their toe in the water and not committing when it comes to mobile marketing. Any good coach is not only going to show up to the game, but have a solid game plan, the right players to execute, and ulitmately be a winner.  Don’t be scared, mobile isn’t that new anymore even though it may be new to your business. WHAMmobile and many other reputable mobile marketing companies have done hundreds of thousands of mobile marketing campaigns and we are here to help you navigate a new marketing and advertising channel. We know what works and what does not. The most important thing is to plan and invest in the strategy. All mobile companies can set-up a mobile campaign. Be sure and work with the mobile marketing companies that want to integrate mobile into your business and can offer sound strategy on how do to so. Who do we want to reach today, tomorrow, and next year? Once we reach them how do we continue to engage them creatively while we “honor that space” in turn increasing their engagement with our brands, products, and services?

The plug

WHAMmobile is a Houston, TX based mobile marketing and technology firm, yes their is more in Houston than energy. We have been fortunate to work with 1000’s of clients over the years. Whether you a Mom and Pop or a fortune 500 media giant we have worked with them all and have a strategy for you.

Matthew Whitney
President / CEO


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