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Mobile Marketing 101: Ryan Nelson | Part One
Implementing a Mobile Marketing strategy
SMS Marketing: is the first step for a successful Mobile Marketing initiative.
Find a Vanity Short Code. This is one of the first over looked elements of SMS Marketing campaigns.  Vanity codes have a higher redemption rate than non-vanity codes by more than 50%.  Vanity [...]

Your Company Needs Wireless Marketing?

Wireless Marketing is growing extremely fast with the development of high tech phones and the popularity of SMS communication.   People may ask which technology is the best for their business?  I will explain the pros and cons of each technology and let you decide what solution is right for you.
Different solutions utilizing Wireless Marketing
#1 [...]

Mobile Marketing Companies on CTIA

Thoughts from CTIA – The Wireless Association, Convention and Trade-show
CTIA conventions are quite possibly the most entertaining conventions/trade shows I attend. Mobile technology and mobile marketing companies are all the buzz these days replacing their predecessor, that thing I call the “interweb”. The industry is “hot”. Those that make it up are [...]

SMS Marketing – Mobile Solutions | WHAMmobile

SMS marketing and advertising is the best form of marketing in the 21 century. People are having a hard time finding out how to utilize this service for their business, and the pricing and cost involved. WHAMmobile has pricing that ranges from $69.99 and month to $10,000 and month so they have packages [...]

Short Code | Mobile SMS Marketing – Help?

So, you want to get a short code. Here is the scoop on what to expect, you may not need your own.
What exactly is a short code anyway?
If you haven’t seen these 4, 5, and 6 digit numbers bouncing across your TV screen, heard them radiating from your speakers, or seen them plastered on billboards [...]

Beyond The Opt-In “From the Desk of a Mobile Marketing CEO”

Beyond the OPT-IN
They Replied YES, Now What?
Very often I hear the following, “oh yes, we do texting”, which immediately tells me that mobile marketing was most likely on a check list of initiatives to be crossed off for the year. When this is the case the initiative has poor, if any strategy, prospects are not [...]

Is Mobile Marketing Right For Your Company?

SMS coupons, Mobile Marketing and Advertising for small businesses. WHAMmobile and their team of experts have created Mobile Campaigns for fortune 500 companies and campaigns to local business and giving them a competitive edge.

What can Mobile Marketing and SMS Advertising do for your company? Let us show you!

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  • Between the ages of 12 - 45 will send 60% more text messages than make voice calls.

  • Currently 1/3 of of the world has mobile internet access, which is twice as many as the number of internet-connected PCs.

  • 50% of the world's population is expected to have access to the Internet through a mobile device in 1 year!

  • Mobile web technologies allow us to provide location-specific resources to users.

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