Houston Dynamo – Case Study

By WHAMmobile • August 25th, 2009
The Houston Dynamo SCORED by teaming up with WHAMmobile to develop a SMS campaign to engage fans. What started as purely an outdoor advertising promotion consisting of 72 Posters, 8 Bulletins and an SMS Text to Win grew into a season long engagement.  Now Dynamo and WHAMmobile are aiming for 2010, integrating mobile into there entire marketing mix.

English Version:

    Text: Orange
    To: 444888

Spanish Version:

    Text: Naranja
    To: 444888

The great benefit of mobile marketing takes place when a user becomes a subscriber to your service.  At that point you can advertise and market to your opt-in subscriber again and again sending messages informing them about products, services, promos, upcoming events, and more.  The Dynamo utilized a Text to Win promotion in their outdoor advertising to kick off the season and opt-in fans to a subscription list.  Well into the season, the Dynamo has nearly 4000 subscribers.  The Dynamo has been very successful increasing website traffic and event participation by over 200% when sending broadcast messages to their opt-in subscribers.  During the season they have tested SMS campaigns at games as well as TV and radio with exceptional results.  WHAMmobile is currently consulting with the Dynamo to develop a mobile strategy incorporated into the entire marketing strategy for the 2010 season.  A large part of that strategy is adding mobile as part of the Dynamo’s sponsorship inventory to drive new revenues while exponentially increasing immediate, personal, engagements with their subscribers.  In addition to the 4000 subscribers and growing from this season, WHAMmobile predicts the Dynamo will have 30,000 engaged subscribers at the end of the 2010 season.

The Dynamo utilized Mobile Web Pages, Broadcasts, Real Time Notifications, Text to Wins, and Text to Web to increase the interaction with their fans.  The Mobile Web Pages consisted of team schedule, event lists, and links to purchase tickets from your phone.  The information is available in both English and Spanish.  Score with a mobile strategy developed by WHAMmobile.  Call us today.




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