Is Mobile Marketing Right For Your Company?

By WHAMmobile • September 3rd, 2009

Is you business a part of the SMS Marketing Revolution?

Ask yourself this one question, and we will see if mobile is right for your business.  Do I advertise?  If your answer is yes Mobile Marketing will help tremendously.  Mobile Advertising will impact two important parts of your marketing and advertising mix.  First it will enhance all of your current media.  Placing a text code on you print, billboard, TV and within your radio ads will let your track your media, and perform ongoing marketing to people after their initial impression with your current media.  Second it will generate huge amounts of money for your business.  The current trend is with every message sent to a user there is a 10% redemption rate. A great example is show when a local pizza eatery placed a text code on a billboard and issued up to 5000 SMS coupon.  The pizza company redeemed 2587 SMS text coupons in their first six months.  This return cost them about 289.99 a month.  If they made only 1 dollar per visit they would have cleared $2587.00.  This is a nice return for a local pizza restaurant.


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