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By WHAMmobile • November 3rd, 2009

Mobile Marketing 101: Ryan Nelson | Part One

Implementing a Mobile Marketing strategy

SMS Marketing: is the first step for a successful Mobile Marketing initiative.

Find a Vanity Short Code. This is one of the first over looked elements of SMS Marketing campaigns.  Vanity codes have a higher redemption rate than non-vanity codes by more than 50%.  Vanity Short Codes are easy to remember and are visibly appealing.

Create interaction with your consumers not interruptions.   Only deliver message that have value about your product or services.  The quickest way to stain your brand is with mobile spam.  People opt-in to your brand because they are interested in your service or product.  Generate results with incentives and deals, not information they already know.  They love your brand! This is why they opted-in.  Don’t devalue their SMS experience with your brand by sending daily junk messages.

Interaction with SMS coupons and SMS games  keep the Mobile Marketing campaign fresh with users.  Voting, Polls, Text2Wins and Trivia can keep your brand exciting and new.  SMS Subscribers will talk about your SMS campaign and before you know it your will have 1000’s of mobile subscribers.

Go viral!  We first utilized viral messages with a small company called Waveland Bowl.  The FWD a friend message strategy generated a 200% ROI in the first week of their Mobile Marketing campaign.  Send messages that have bait…  Messages that include incentives for users to forward to a friend or create subscribers.  Forward to 100 people for a chance to win a free one year pass for bowling. You can double your SMS subscription data base in one message.




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