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By WHAMmobile • October 12th, 2009

Thoughts from CTIA – The Wireless Association, Convention and Trade-show

CTIA conventions are quite possibly the most entertaining conventions/trade shows I attend. Mobile technology and mobile marketing companies are all the buzz these days replacing their predecessor, that thing I call the “interweb”. The industry is “hot”. Those that make it up are young, energetic, full of brilliant ideas, and building mobile marketing companies and technology firms that are shaping the way we communicate, interact with advertising, and engage with media. If James Bond is your hero and new technology found in movies like Minority Report get your motor running, then CTIA is the place to be. You will find the coolest hand held gadgets and mobile devices to monstrous cell phone tower hardware and receivers. If your signal isn’t overloaded, pull yourself away from the trade-show aisles, and get the scoop on mobile marketing and the wireless industry from keynote speakers such as, CTIA CEO, Hall of Fame wide receiver, all around cool guy, (and fellow Oklahoman), Steve Largent.

So now that the show is over and the euphoria of watching broadcast television or 3-D holographs on a phone is waning, what useful information did we pack in our suitcases. Well, simply put, the industry continues to grow and mobile marketing companies are experiencing increased revenues over last year, even in a down economy. That economy may be partly to blame as to why mobile marketing hasn’t taken off like a rocket escaping the atmosphere. However, mobile marketing continues to grow like the opening of an AC/DC concert, a rhythmic bass-line that increases in frequency and volume with each beat. SMS text message marketing continues to be a proven way for brands and companies to reach their audience. These brands and companies are cautiously entering the space and slowly reallocating more and more of their budgets for mobile marketing. Mobile marketing companies and brands are ever evolving their message to consumers as they have found the message needs to be exciting, not lame, and tailored to their desires to trigger engagement.

What’s the biggest hang up mobile marketing companies are experiencing for a mass uptake in mobile? In past years mobile marketing companies were continually nipping at the heels of the carriers as they were charged with squelching and controlling content that could be delivered to consumers. This was indeed happening, but in their defense, the carriers were only trying to set forth guidelines and protect the end user from vague paid subscription services. This year the industry has “straightened up” so to speak and the carriers weren’t mentioned singularly as obstacles to growth. The handset makers, brands and ad agencies themselves, and general lack of awareness are stifling the envisioned explosion of mass mobile uptake by consumers. Ultimately third party technology companies and mobile marketing companies will determine how advertising is delivered in the mobile space.

So where is the industry? As always, the industry is an exciting place and has experienced substantial progress from last year. As the CEO of a mobile marketing company, I love going to work everyday! Revenues are increasing however the anticipated profits will come when an improved economy finds us and more importantly, when the brands, agencies, and even small businesses become more familiar with mobile marketing and how they can effectively implement it within an ongoing strategy to reach their targets.

Matthew Whitney
President / CEO




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