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By WHAMmobile • October 13th, 2009

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Obviously the development of iPhone applications is increasing and nearly as popular as the device itself. With the iTunes app store boasting over 75,000 apps we receive many inquiries from brands, ad agencies, and companies that are interested in utilizing a mobile marketing company to assist them throughout this process. As always, we encourage our clients and prospects to consider their business, product, or service and we help them evaluate how those should be translated into the mobile space. Sometimes an app makes perfect sense, other times it does not.

Not all iPhone Apps are created equal.

I am not going to get into the details on whether or not you should develop an iPhone application for your business. I do not know your business well enough to make this recommendation, however I would be happy to consult with you and your team. I am writing this today because I think there is a misconception on what is involved in developing a successful iPhone app and the investment necessary to have a positive impact in your business. I do think it is important to consider that not all apps are created equally. As I mentioned, due to the ever increasing number of apps, we receive many inquiries about app development. I think Apple’s ad campaigns have brain washed us to think that downloading an app to an iPhone is simple and inexpensive therefore developing an app should be as well. This is not the case. It it important to keep in mind that many more iPhone Apps have a 3 star (out of 5) or less user rating than those that have a 3 star or higher rating. I see more and more of these plug and play websites that offer iPhone app solutions at bargain basement prices that are trying to lure us into our desires to build an iPhone app. I won’t hold back when I tell you that these solutions are absolute garbage. These solutions do not provide any valuable research into your brand, products, or service therefore research gathering, requirement planning, or process documentation is not included in your price. They do not understand your business, marketing, advertising, and sales initiatives nor do they care to. They see a market to turn and burn applications but are not delivering you a quality app that is sure to get destroyed by user ratings and ulitmately never downloaded.

Be Prepared to Invest your business.

So, I have totally trashed the guys that aren’t doing anything for you except taking your money and giving you garbage in return, what is my solution? It is simple, be prepared to invest in your business.

iPhone app development projects vary broadly in scope and pricing but I think you will find that a reputable mobile marketing company or software development company might make you raise your eyebrows a bit when they mention the price if are exploring this possibility for the first time. If you simply “want” an iPhone app and don’t have a plan surrounding it’s release, marketing, etc., save your money because users will bash it, no one will download it, and you once that happens your app will never be revived unless you continue to allocate resources for ongoing development. One of the great things about iPhone applications is that you have 75,000 case studies to research.

Find out what your competitors are doing and more importantly do a
user review analysis of applications that are within your industry.
Find out what users like, what they don’t like. After all, apps live and die by the opinion and engagement of the consumer. Do the homework, gather the information, formulate a plan, document everything, develop, don’t forget the marketing/advertising plan surrounding the app, deploy and enjoy.

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