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    Welcome to the 21st century of broadcast media – it’s not going to look a whole lot like the last one. Whether you’re in broadcast radio or TV you’re going through some tremendous upheavals right now, huh? Good old internet came along and really mixed things up didn’t it? And next up… mobile! Well the good news is, from ad sales to programming, the industry seems to be responding to mobile quickly, and stations across the country are increasing revenue with mobile marketing, even in flat and down markets.

    SMS Radio Broadcast 1.Bray Real Estate

    SMS Radio Broadcast 2.Blue Collar Football

    SMS Radio Broadcast 3.Houston Dynamo “Spanish”

    Introducing Mobile into the Mix

    WHAMmobile takes a two-tiered approach to integrating mobile with broadcast media. We approach ad sales and programming as distinct sides of the business, each with their own unique requirements and variables. More often than not, stations will lead the charge into mobile with ad sales, where advertiser demand allows quick realization of bottom line benefits. Then once advertisers are comfortable (and excited) with it, mobile can be layered into programming.

    WHAMmobile is seasoned at collaborating with sales managers and programming directors alike to realize the full benefits of mobile. We will work with your sales team to develop creative and compelling campaigns for your advertisers, where the unique value propositions of mobile are in full view. Likewise, we will collaborate on the programming side to develop mobile solutions that fit the format and personalities involved. There is literallly an infinite amount of creative content that can be developed around mobile, and at WHAMmobile we are experts at being choosy about what works and what doesn’t. With WHAMmobile’s guidance, properly executed mobile campaigns both increase bottom line dollars for ad sales and enhance audience experience.

    WHAMmobile Sets the Standard

    With WHAMmobile your campaigns will run on our industry-leading short code,¬† 444888. Now, this isn’t an issue you’ll hear about from most other mobile companies (they don’t really like to talk about it) but put yourself in the place of an audience member. “Am I more likely to remember 5 minutes later how to a respond to a mobile call to action if the short code involved is 444888 or some random sequence (like say 672944)?” Statistics show that audience participation is up to 50% higher with a more memorable short code.

    WHAMmobile utilizes 2 custom content management systems to execute any imaginable campaign. For basic standard-rate campaigns, including trivia questions, polls, surveys, etc. our WHAMX allows even non-technical users to easily administer their own campaigns using our easy to follow Campaign Wizard. For more complicated campaigns, including WAP push, sophisticated message flow, downloadable content (wallpapers, ringtones), text games, etc. our customizable WHAMX2.0 platform allows our designers to quickly create intricate custom promotions for you at a fraction of the cost of traditional programming. Both of our platforms employ intelligent keyword-routing and a secure HTTP API that allows customers to both send and receive text messages with the speed and reliability of one of the United States’ only Tier 1 carrier gateways.

What can Mobile Marketing and SMS Advertising do for your company? Let us show you!

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  • Between the ages of 12 - 45 will send 60% more text messages than make voice calls.

  • Currently 1/3 of of the world has mobile internet access, which is twice as many as the number of internet-connected PCs.

  • 50% of the world's population is expected to have access to the Internet through a mobile device in 1 year!

  • Mobile web technologies allow us to provide location-specific resources to users.

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