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A Short Code is 5 or 6 digit number that is used to deliver content to wireless devices, typically in the form of a SMS Text Message. WHAMmobile has one of the industries top vanity Short Code numbers – 444888.

What is a vanity Short Code? Vanity Short Codes are custom numbers that are often easier for end users to remember.   A Non-Vanity Short Code is a 5 or 6 digit number that is randomly assigned by the United States Short Code Administration when the operator is building your short code account.  Note: There is an additional monthly cost associated with purchasing your own vanity Short Code.

Vanity Short Code Examples:

  • 555999
  • 444888

Non-Vanity Short Code Examples:

  • 783042
  • 465894

Short Code Provider

WHAMmobile is a Short Code service provider that offers businesses the option to manage a vanity Short Code.  Utilizing a shared short code is the best option for 99.9% of the business wanting to utilize a SMS Marketing Solution.

Shared Short Code Pros:

  1. You can start a SMS Short Code campaign within a matter of days. vs. If you purchase your own Short Code you will have to wait a minimum of 12 weeks for the code to be provisioned.
  2. It is inexpensive!   The mobile marketing costs and pricing breakdown for a WHAMmobile SMS package ranges from $69.99 – $750.00/month. vs. To purchase a dedicated short code it is a minimum cost of $2,500/month.
  3. With a shared short code you can utilize a vanity code with no extra costs.  Vanity codes have a 50% redemption rate over Non-Vanity because they are easier to remember. If a SMS Marketing ad is posted on the Radio, Billboards, or TV your prospect needs a short code that is memorable.

Short Code Consulting

  1. Our marketing company has a mission to provide the most creative and engaging short code campaigns.  We will not settle for a simple text coupon or a blurb of information about your company.  We want to create a viral / valuable campaign with long term participation.

Our Short Code Company:

  • One of the benefits of utilizing a WHAMmobile short code is the fact that all shared short code campaign there is NO-CONTRACT! All of WHAMmobile’s  SMS campaigns utilizing a shared short code are set up on a monthly user agreement.  So your business can cancel anytime or run a short promotions for no-additional charge or early cancellation.
  • You are assigned a personal mobile marketing rep to assist your company in setting up, managing, and the reporting of your campaign and its progress.
  • WHAMmobile will provide a one hour consultation with one of our executive staff to consult, and provide a vision and plan that can be implemented for your businesses short code solution.
  • No support lines, operators or call centers.  Your WHAM rep will follow up on all your inquiries within a work day, but typically within a few minutes.
  • Executive Support: Our short code executive team has an open door policy.  You can always contact them via. Email or Ext. for questions concerning your campaign.

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