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By WHAMmobile • October 15th, 2009

Wireless Marketing is growing extremely fast with the development of high tech phones and the popularity of SMS communication.   People may ask which technology is the best for their business?  I will explain the pros and cons of each technology and let you decide what solution is right for you.

Different solutions utilizing Wireless Marketing

#1 Wireless Marketing Solution: What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing or sometimes referred to as Text Message Marketing is the process of a prospect or consumer sending a text message to a short code for information, text to win promotions, voting, trivia, coupons, text interaction and customized messaging catered for specific businesses and their needs.

Pros: Today 99% of Wireless devices have the ability to receive and send a text message.  The short code activity for SMS Marketing has increased almost 1000% in the past 3 years and is steadily growing.  SMS marketing is the most cost effective wireless marketing solution.  The ROI on a simple SMS Marketing Campaign can give you a instant 50% return within the first couple months.  The best SMS Mobile Marketing Companies can put together a marketing strategy that can increase your web traffic, store traffic, or audience participation with a cost as low as $69.99 up to $10,000 a month depending on your usage rates and campaign.  SMS Marketing is a great solution for all business regardless of you company size, or brand.

Cons: Dedicated Short Codes can be very expensive.  So if you want a specific branded name like Text: Pizza Hut To: 444888 you may not find a shared short code provider with that exact keyword.   So your option would be to use a generic keyword like Pizza4U or NYPizza.  If you feel the need to have a branded keyword you may have to buy a dedicated short code with a minimum cost of $1,500.00 a month.  You should always check a short code provider like WHAMmobile first.  You will be surprised at some of the available keywords that can save you thousands.

#2 Wireless Marketing Solution: What is Mobile Web?

Mobile Websites or mobile broadband usage has increase 5000% within the last two years according to AT&T.  I will say that without a doubt SMS Marketing Is The NOW! But Mobile Web is the future.  Mobile Web is formatted website to fit wireless devices for easy navigation and usability while on the go or not by a computer.

Pros:   Restaurants, retail services, sports teams, real estate, automotive companies and about 100 more specific businesses should and if they don’t already need mobile web.  Why Mobile Web? So many of your consumers are on the go… or not by a computer 100% of the day.  People now searching terms like Pizza “Zip Code”, or shoes “City”, or Home for Sale “Area” utilizing their wireless mobile devices.  If your company is not in the mobile web space you are leaving money on the table.  Your visibility increases 10% just by having mobile website indexed within the Google mobile search emgine and up to 25% if you connect mobile web to a SMS Marketing campaign.  “Based on a 10 mobile marketing campaign study by WHAMmobile”

Cons: Because Mobile Web only works with people who have a data plan on their cell phone,  Wireless Web Marketing is limited to about 76% of the current cell phone subscribers.  Mobile web can be inexpensive. The cost for a local mobile website for a one or two page website is a one time cost of $200-$250 according to WHAMmobile.  But a complex e-commerce or a multiple page site can very expensive with full development costs reaching the high thousands.

#3 Wireless Marketing Solution: What is an iPhone App?

iPhone applications have boomed in the past 2 years.  Currently over 7,500 applications created for the iPhone and their users.  There is a great return when building an iPhone app and it is the fact that if you offer high quality and popular services or products you can charge the consumer to download your app.  This is the most user friendly experience for a prospect and bring generates a large amount of eye-candy for your business.

It’s a sleeping giant,” said Kraft’s Mr. Kaczmarek. According to AdMob metrics, for example, iPod Touch users download 16.4 free apps and two paid apps per month; the average iPhone user downloads 7.6 free and 2.6 paid apps.

Pros: You can charge $1.00 – $9.99 for your app and generate great revenue if you have an extremely popular brand or product.  People download apps and check them frequently because it is so easy to just touch a button and get updates from your favorite topics or services.  iPhone users are as crazy as MAC users so they will probably never purchase any other type of phone.  Apple breeds loyalty!   Your business can be found through the app store on their wireless device by category, topic, or keywords.  You will not have to spend extra expenses to market or advertise your application; Apple will help you advertise within their store.

Cons: Expensive!  You can have a third party developer build you an app for about $1,000.00’s.  But one bad iphone app review and you can trash it and take a lose.  People listen to the reviews.  If you want a great user experience high download rates, and the app to stay on the phone and not be deleted.  Your looking at start up costs that range from $50,000 – $100,000 dollars development.  If you look hard enough you may find a freelance programmer that could start at $10,000.00 for decent quality but you will not get a guarantee upon finished product.

The second con is that only iphone users can enjoy the application.  If you want to target the masses you won’t.  So if you don’t have a big brand like Ford or a great product i.e. Real Estate or Automotive.  This might not give you the best ROI if your a small business.

#4 Wireless Marketing Solution: What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth wireless marketing is giving a business the ability to inject a SMS message to a cell phone users wireless device when walking by their business or a specific location.

Pros:  Instant information to you prospects about your service or product via bluetooth.  The costumer will  receive the message at real time an have a high chance on acting on specific promos if standing right beside the location of the service or product.

Cons:  Not all cell phones have the ability to use bluetooth technology and a lot of the phones that have the ability turn their bluetooth off for the reason privacy and spam.  A lot of people look down on bluetooth wireless marketing and say it is a form of spam.  That being said some customers will act on promos but some customer will be annoyed or even complain about their privacy or being spammed by your brand.  Bluetooth is a really cool wireless technology, but SMS has a opt-in process and generates a more qualified prospect.  Example: If a single MAN walks by a purse store and receives a text message coupon about purses… this could be annoying or unwanted.

Note: I think bluetooth is excellent for events like football games, or concerts, because you have qualified people within a confined space.

#5 Wireless Marketing Solution: Creative Wireless Campaign

To be successful in any of the wireless marketing solution you company to have a creative vision, expert management and care of you Mobile Marketing Campaigns. Finding a Mobile Marketing Company that will be ethical and motivated to give you high usage and results is necessary to generate high success.  Their are hundreds of companies popping up around the industry make sure you pick one you would like to represent your brand.

Here are some questions you might want to ask before deciding on your companies mobile marketing representative.

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